Marian Tompson has announced her well deserved retirement.
She was a former co-founder at LaLeche League. Congratulations from Ken and Laurie Akey! Our thanks and prayers go with you!
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Natural Pediatric & Adult Telemedicine

Are you looking for a qualified physician without leaving the comfort of your own home? Dr. Kenneth Akey, MD, FAAP is a professional pediatrician/MD with more than 25 years in private practice.

Dr. Akey has a passion for nutrition and preventative medicine. Dr. Akey offers dietary, nutritional, and supplement advice with each visit. He offers outstanding medical care to sick children and well children.

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It was such an honor to receive this award for my work with Breastfeeding Moms. The above picture in no way endorses any politician or their views.
2015 Award from the Doulas Association of Southern California