Having poor focus, being restless and overactive, having inappropriate responses and behavior in class could represent ADHA. The causes and manifestations can be  difficult to dissect and identify.
Diet, supplements (especially fish oil), sleep and general health practices are the first issues to be be examined and addressed. Sometimes medicines are needed. If so, a very careful plan with parents and teachers closely involved is the most successful. Dr. Akey, with a “natural” approach , and his 30 years experience could be of assistance.

If you believe that your child has ADD/ADHD, make an appointment with Dr. Akey Today today.

Dr. Akey is a telemedicine doctor who can provide all these services for your young adult. At this stage in a child’s life, it may be difficult to keep teens on track. It is our goal to keep your teens on track developmentally, scholastically, socially and morally.

*Please note that Dr. Akey does not prescribe controlled substance medications for ADD/ADHD, he will only recommend a “natural” approach or non-stimulant medication if needed.*

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