Asthma is typically diagnosed with a close history of respiratory problems and a thorough examination. Family medical illnesses, infections and environmental exposures are often significant in pinpointing causes of wheezing. Discussing a healthy, natural organic diet supplements and vitamins, and avoiding foods that weaken the immune system (junk food, burgers, fries, sodas) is part of each visit. Inflammatory foods like milk, sugar, grains & processed foods are to be avoided. Prevention is the goal, not heaping on more and more medicine.

If you think that your child might have asthma, speak to Dr. Akey . We can help you create an asthma action plan so that you know when your child’s asthma is under control, when you need to change medicines and when emergency help is needed. An asthma action plan should have goals for your child’s asthma treatment and health. With the right treatment, your child can sleep through the night, avoid missing time from daycare or preschool and breathe easily.

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