Professional Consultation

Our Newnan, GA pediatrics office is a strong proponent of breastfeeding and we offer breastfeeding consultations as one of our services. Our lactation consultants are board-certified. Our consultants are experienced in assisting women in the joy of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding has many benefits including:

  • Bonding- Which is enough reason alone
  • Protects babies from illnesses such as stomach or respiratory illness, meningitis, and ear infections
  • Protects babies from developing allergies because it forms a protective lining in the intestines
  • Boosts intelligence which means higher IQ scores and larger vocabularies
  • Protects your child from obesity and promotes healthier eating patterns
  • Lowers your baby’s risk of SIDS by 50 percent
  • Reduces mother’s risk of stress and postpartum depression because it releases Oxytocin, which promotes relaxation
  • Reduces a mother’s risk for certain cancers such as breast and ovarian cancer

The first week is crucial for successful nursing. We will be by your side to assure success! Dr. Akey provides Freulotomies for tongue & lip tied infants.

For Breastfeeding resources please visit our Birth and Breastfeeding page under resources.

To find out more about the benefits of breastfeeding and your infant’s nutritional needs, call us at 770-683-3020. We can help with your breastfeeding needs!