Counseling – Video Games, Social Media & Internet Dangers

As we now know for sure, and have long suspected – the internet with texting, games, social pitfalls, violent and “adult” access present a significant potential do our youth. Being informed of your child’s activities and possible addiction to his or her cell phone  and internet related fixation should carefully be discussed and reasonable boundaries need to be put in place. Often dealing with the situation early on – (preschool age) is best. If professional help and guidance is needed, Dr. Akey would be glad to partner with you parents in achieving a healthy balance or real-life vs virtual friends and interactions. Depression, social isolation, anger at parents and peers, and with drawing from healthy social contacts and events can lead to major psychological problems promoting family interactions and activities is a goal to aid children in realizing love and acceptance starts at home. Then carefully engaging in relations with parents input can help with self esteem and character. Discussion and guidance may be achieved at a well check, or a separate consultation appointment both of which are coded and covered by insurance companies.  Dr Akey is available to help families with this issue if problems are on the horizon.

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