Developmental – Environmental Enrichment

Developmental – Environmental Enrichment

“Great Brains are made – not born” – Maximizing your child’s intellect should be a priority of all parents… Actually it’s Fun! When do parents start reading to baby? In Utero!  – also from day one! Getting little kiddos to love reading, singing, drawing, and getting involved in music are great daily activities that parents should embrace.  Playing games like hide and seek, follow the leader and taking trips to local pet stores and taking pics and drawing the critters.  Costumes and pretend play, movement to music like hokey pokey and just being outdoors in the park – running with your kiddo and pup all are great priorities.

Recent studies have found a very significant “boost” in kids IQs that are

  1. Vaginally delivered.
  2. Breastfed (the longer the better)
  3. Have a great diet supplemented with fish oil or eat omega-3 rich wild cod fish.

“How about them apples!” Dr. Akey is eager to discuss these ideas with you at your child’s wellness exams.

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