Natural Pediatrician discusses Summer Travel With Kids

Crowded airports, museums and travel destinations may be filling up your summer. If your kid’s happen to catch a cold or other ailment along the way, please know that a telemedicine appointment with Dr. Akey is available at your convenience!

Here are some healthy tips for traveling with kids: 1. Stay hydrated!

Fast food and easy to grab items are a staple on the road. Without taking all the fun out of it, try and make a few adjustments. Sugary drinks are easy to grab on the road, but you are better off with water or fresh squeezed juices, or coconut water. These can quench thirst without adding extra unneeded sugar.

2. Nutritious snacks

Again, grabbing chips, cookies and other treats should not be your focus. Try and pack healthy easy to grab items. Bananas, easy peel oranges, nuts / trail mix and yogurt are some items that are healthy and travel friendly.

3. Keeping fit

There can be lots of sitting in cars and on planes. Try to incorporate stops where the kids can run around, kick a ball, throw a frisbee. Stop in a local park or find a playground between other planned travel destinations.

4. Reading for fun

Kids spend lots of time in school reading assigned books, papers and articles. In the summer let them choose fun reading options. Kid friendly magazines and books appropriate for their age can be a way to relax and encourage imagination while encouraging reading. A trip to a local library where they can choose is always interesting. It’s great to incorporate some educational side trips, and of course plenty of just plain fun!

If along the way someone in the family catches a cold, develops and ear infection, experiences tummy trouble or any other ailments, I’m here to help.

You can reach out to us via phone and on Anytime Pediatrics. Ring the office and schedule a video or phone consult at a time that works for you and your family. Prescriptions can be called in on the road or alternative remedies can be discussed.

Enjoy the time off with your family! Blessings,

Dr. Akey