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Patient Testimonials

We met Dr. Akey at Dr. William Sears’ office and followed him to his new practice in Mission Viejo.  My daughter has had stomach pain for over a year and we were at a crossroad, trying to make some sense out of all the lab reports and things told to us by other pediatricians, specialists, herbalists, acupuncturists and nutritionists.  He took the time to read through all the reports and helped us come up with a plan.  He followed up with us every step of the way and advocated for us with referrals.  If you are ever looking for a doctor who cares and completely has your back, if you are looking to solve a problem and needs a medical expert with resources, or if you are looking for an advocate for your children’s health, Dr. Akey’s door is the first one I would knock on.  Highly recommend Dr. Akey for all ages! – Pandora O.

I first met Dr. Akey while working at a local hospital.  He was visiting a patient who’d just delivered a baby and I was dropping off placenta capsules to the same client (I am a Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist).  I was amazed by his kindness and compassionate demeanor.

I was so impressed that I booked appointments for all four of my children’s upcoming yearly exams.  I was greeted over the phone by Dr. Akey’s wife who runs the front office.  She was very kind and took the time to connect with me on a personal level.

Dr. Akey takes a more natural approach while still maintaining a healthy balance of modern medicine.  I never feel like my opinion doesn’t matter when discussing the health of my children; he truly values my maternal instinct.  My kids really like the fun and adorable rooms and I like that there is peaceful room devoted to nursing mothers. The cherry on top is that he has a love for the Lord which is at the heart of our family.  I am very grateful to have found a Dr. who puts my children’s health and best interest first.  We hope he never moves away! – Jill C

By far the best pediatrician I have ever known for our daughter. He is a firm believer of parents rights for their child, he does not force any decisions on you and is very understanding of the societal pressures of being a parent. As a first time mom, he comforted and reassured my parenting techniques, he provides knowledge for all, and allows each mom to process it and come to their own solution on the next steps. We love our visits, because we leave there informed, satisfied and never flustered. – Nadia T.

Dr Akey moved 🙁
We are so heartbroken. He truly was THE best Pediatrician I’ve ever met. I wish him only the best!

We have been to see Dr Akey 3 times now. I almost don’t want to give a review because I’m selfish and want him all to ourselves lol
He is hands down the best pediatrician. They don’t have doctors like him anymore. We have a newborn and a toddler and he’s great with them both. He’s a “get on the floor with the kids” type of doctor.  He doesn’t push vaccines and is all about good health and great supplements. His office is very accessible with great parking and it’s located on the bottom floor. They have cute decorated rooms and a sick room, as well as a nursing room. The staff is amazing. They are busy but you don’t suffer for that. They run the office well and will take time for all their patients. Denise does both front and back office and she is always very sweet and caring with the kids. I’ve been to many practices where the MA is so busy and not happy and kids pick up on that too.
Thank you Dr Akey and staff for your TLC! So glad I found you! Carin C.

My son (3.5) actually cried yesterday because his sister was sick and “got” to go to Dr. Akey…and my daughter (2.5) was too excited to take her afternoon nap due to her impending appointment.

We do not live near much family and I’m certain my kids have decided that Dr. Akey and his wife are their surrogate grandparents.

We went to Whole Foods after our appt and my daughter randomly grabbed a supplement with a picture of an older doctor on the bottle and cried because she wanted me to buy the “doctah akey medsin”… Since we weren’t currently in need of activated charcoal I had to bribe her with a package of organic everything-free cookies to prevent a colossal meltdown. I’m thinking we could have saved money on her Christmas princess dollhouse and just printed a Dr. Akey headshot to hang over her bed.

So…I used my 10 min of daily free time to create a Yelp account and tell the e-world about this great pediatrician. He’s a great blend of conventional and natural medicine. Suggests natural preventatives and listens to my (often invalid and sensationalized) concerns and even is willing to investigate (lessening my Dr. Google workload). He does alternate vaccination schedules and suggests milk alternatives (almond & coconut) unlike most of the cow milk pushing pediatricians we’ve seen. All in all, I feel really lucky to have found someone that seems to truly have my kids’ best interests at heart (and truthfully I’m a little jealous he’s not my doctor!)
-Autumn W.


“Dr Akey is simply the best pediatrician I have ever seen.

For any of you ladies who use the ObGyn, Dr Mary O’Toole, Dr Akey has exactly the same wonderful bedside manner. He is warm and caring, and genuinely listens, taking time to make sure every detail is covered. He is wonderful with children, and really engages them on their level.

He has an holistic care approach, and discussed with me at length the benefits of specific foods and supplements that could help my son, whilst also discussing the possibility of antibiotics, but as a last resort.

His practice is beautiful, and clean, with rooms designed for specific age groups, and a separate sick child waiting area. After playing with the train in the main waiting area, we then moved to the ‘Lego Room’ for the examination, which has Mini-fig collages on the wall, a 7 year old’s heaven!

The cherry on the cake is that he is also ‘available’. He will return calls made into his exchange after hours, which any parent knows is such a blessing when worrying about a very sick child.

If you are looking for an experienced pediatrician with an holistic care approach and a wonderful bedside manner, who offers a personal service and genuinely cares, look no further.
-Sara H.”


“After seeing Dr. Sear’s for the past 3 years, we switched to Dr. Akey partially because he is around. ALL THE TIME!

His new office is great, and super kid friendly! (train tables, and coloring sheets) CLEAN! He also has a waiting room for sickies which I greatly appreciate.
The parking is not too bad, and is on the ground floor with grass outside which I know will come in handy with having active kids.

Dr. Akey has always been so kind to my kids. He even has treated me when I was sick in the office with my boys and written me a prescription! THAT is what I call service. One of my favorite things is when he really listens and asks of my “mama’s heart” has any questions. Gives a call the next day when my kids have a sick apt. Prays with me for my kids and for my parenting! And is very wonderful at interactive with my boys!!!

I absolutely love him!!!
-Deanna B.”


“I loved Dr. Akey!!! He and his staff were not only professional but were so friendly and me my daughter and I feel special and important. I have NEVER experienced such a fantastic bedside manner from a doctor. I was leery at first to take my daughter to a male practitioner; however, from the moment we met him we felt comfortable (my daughter is 15 and you know how picky teen girls can be). He not only performed his duty as a PD, but was so informative as to specific diet and supplements to take. As a bonus, he also wrote advised me of what supplements I should be taking myself!
-Tami S.”


“In 2004, Dr Akey was recommended by my wife’s OB when we were having our daughter at St Josephs in Orange, and he was our obvious continued choice when our son was born in 2009.

Despite our living in Ladera Ranch, in close proximity to a number of practices near CHOC Mission Viejo, and his old office being located “way up” in Orange, we never once considered someone else to care for our children over the 7 years we traveled through the “Y” and the “Crush” to see him. His popularity kept his offices filled, and there was, with all things, the occasional wait, but his staff always found a way to keep appointments flowing, and often found a way to fit us in when we had a sick kid and needed some quick help.

Then, he “retired”, and we’ve been through four different pediatricians in the two years since, trying to find that “trust” and “care” we had become so used to. We were STILL looking when we found out he was not only moving back to Orange County, but was going to be opening offices in Mission Viejo! I can’t put into words the relief we feel! Dr. Akey is BACK!

What makes him special, you ask? It’s his bedside manner with my kids, the way he picks them up, refers to them as an “angel” or “precious child”, and that he is as soft and gentle with them as I could ever be. It’s how, as new parents, he walked us through the basics of development, rattling off (actually singing) a few songs for us to sing with our kids, encouraging new words, speech, movements, etc. I really felt like I was on the “new dads” team, and the doc was my coach. My wife would schedule wellness checkups, and I’d tag along simply to seek his encouragement and advice for my efforts with my children. 🙂

It’s not JUST the doc though – It’s his family and his staff, the people he has around him, where everyone REALLY cares about you, and you’re not just another family with a sick kid “signing in”. When my son had some frustrating health issues just a few weeks ago, while Dr. Akey and his wife were still setting up this new office space, they answered the phone, and encouraged my wife to bring our son by. We were at our wits end, and he saw my son when the proverbial paint wasn’t even dry yet. His solution, BTW, simple directions on how to handle the situation, had us out of the woods within 24 hours. This is a man I’d trust my kids lives with, and that just about says it all. Give his office a call. You won’t regret it!
-Jim M.”


“We are very excited to have Dr. Akey back!! After he moved, we got to experience other medical care and it was nothing like what Dr. Akey offers. Dr. Akey takes a personal interest in every patient and family. He’s knowledgeable and up-to-date about current medications and procedures. Dr. Akey cares and about the whole child (social/emotional/values development), not just physical earmarks. Dr. Akey also takes into account each child’s history (illness patterns, former antibiotics/medications) when he treats each illness, and he will use this family knowledge to to prepare/prevent/treat the spread of the illness through the family. All three of my children love Dr. Akey (even as he writes “OK” with a smiley face on their hands as a reminder to say “Ok, Mommy”) and each has developed his/her own relationship with him.
-Chad C.”


We love Dr. Akey. We are very fortunate to have Dr. Akey as our son Thomas’ pediatrician, he is very caring with our son, talks about nutrition, and makes sure he is meeting his milestones. We are so happy he’s back in Orange County, we’ve missed him and his exceptional care to his patients.


Dr. Akey is fantastic. So fantastic that lately we have been waiting upwards of 1.5 hours to see him. He is very caring, knowledgeable and high energy. I appreciate the fact that he cares for my sons total health including nutrition which gets over looked by other physicians. If you are looking for a great doctor Dr. Akey is it but you have to be willing to wait and wait to see him.


Dr Akey is Passionate about his job! He is GREAT! My kids love him! He is the only doctor in his office which makes the visits very personal! He also personally follows up with your child if the child isnt feeling well. He’s honest, and knowledgable… and he’ll even pray for you. He’s very caring!


There is NO better doctor than Dr. Akey. Dr. Akey was in the delivery room 22 years ago when my son was born. Now that he is grown and I have expanded my family to an adoptive child and a legal guardian of another, I would not trust any other doctor. Dr. Akey is truly the best pediatric physician in all of Orange and Los Angeles County. I trust this man as much as I trust God. He truly is the BEST!


THE BEST CARE A FAMILY COULD ASK FOR! We have been with Dr. Akey for 7 years and counting. One of the best Dr.s out there! We are truly blessed to have him care for our children…


Best darn pediatrician in the world. He is simply awesome. So glad our friend recommended him. So good with the kids. When our twin boys were first born and we took them in for the first visit.

Dr. Akey is an amazing doctor!


Dr. Akey has been caring for our 3 daughters for over 16 years. He always takes his time when he is assessing and treating our girls. No matter how busy he is at the moment, he always makes you feel like you are the only family in the office when you are there. It is important for us to have continuity of care and with Dr. Akey, you know who you are going to see when you go to see him. There may be a bit of a wait, but it’s worth it to see such a caring, kind pediatrician. We would highly recommend him.


Dr. Akey is a wonderful pediatrician. He is kind, caring, genuinely loves kids and is very experienced. He always goes a step beyond medical care and discusses how my little one is developing socially and emotionally. He always reminds me to call if I have any questions or concerns in between visits. His office staff is friendly and knowledgeable. It’s easy to get an appointment the same day if needed.


Dr. Akey has been my Pediatrician for the past 10 years. He is kind, caring and truly wonderful with kids. He has been there in the delivery room until present day. Full of smiles and reminding the kids to be good little monkeys and angels, say their prayers and to remember to eat their veggies. I highly recommend for any new mom or someone looking for a new Pediatrician to consider this wonderful man. He is indeed special.


My Children love him!! He is truly an amazing doctor!! My kids love him. I interviewed several pediatricians before I chose him, and he stood out from the rest by far!!! He’s a very nice caring guy, and he’s knows what he’s doing. Highly recommended.

Dr. Akey is the best pediatrician in Orange County. He has been our doctor for 3 years now, and would not change it for the world.


Dr. Akey is awesome. He is in solo practice, so you always see him and he gets to know his children. You can’t get any better than this doctor!

Kenneth Akey, M.D., F.A.A.P.

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