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Accentrate™ is a natural, scientifically-formulated combination of minerals, lipids, and vitamins designed to address lipid imbalances associated with ADHD and support proper regulation of neurotransmitters needed for optimal cognition, including memory, attention, and focus. It’s not a drug, and it’s not a stimulant —Accentrate™ is made entirely from premium natural ingredients including

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Sambucol®, the Original Black Elderberry extract, provides powerful immune system support to help you and your family stay healthy all year long.* Bursting with antioxidants, our wide range of great-tasting supplements arm you with some of the best nature has to offer. Since our products are powered by fruit, they can be used daily!

Black elderberry extract has also been proven to help combat swine flu virus. Here is the interesting article about it. Black Elderberry and Swine Flu







Calm is a great natural way for restless children and adults to be able to calm your body and fall asleep at night. It is also a great natural way to help constipation.  






Good health starts with your gut and that means keeping a plentiful gut microbiome. Probiotics benefit the body in various ways, such as: boosting the health of the gut microbiome, restoring balance to the microbiome after an illness or treatment, and supporting the immune system.


Omega-3s are crucial for brain growth and development in infants. Also numerous studies observe that omega-3 supplements can reduce the symptoms of ADHD. Recently, researchers observed that fish oil supplements were one of the most promising treatments for ADHD.Findings show omega-3 fatty acids may help to: Lower blood pressure, Reduce triglycerides, Slow the development of plaque in the arteries, Reduce the chance of abnormal heart rhythm, Reduce the likelihood of heart attack and stroke, and Lessen the chance of sudden cardiac death in people with heart disease.




Vital Choice: Wild Seafood and Organics

They offer nutrient-dense sustainable seafood, an ever-growing range of pastured proteins, organic foods, and marine-source nutritional supplements. All their seafood is wild caught and ethically sourced.






The Arm’s Reach® Co-Sleeper® baby bassinet is a unique creation that began with a mother and father’s need for a safe sleeping environment for their baby. They, like many parents, had rediscovered the benefits of co-sleeping with their infants – increased bonding, ease of feeding and a greater sense of closeness – yet were concerned modern beds weren’t appropriate for a baby’s space. They solved this problem by placing the child at the side of the bed – literally within arm’s reach! Their result is a wonderful series of bassinets that keep babies close to their parents during the important early months of development.




THER-BIOTIC® Baby is a 10-species probiotic blend, in a base of inulin, designed to safely meet the metabolic, intestinal, and immune support needs of infants and young children. This formula supports a normal infant microbiota that can be easily disrupted by cesarean section delivery, formula feedings, medications, environmental exposures, or maternal diet. Each scoop (0.5 gram) provides 5 billion CFU. Safe gastrointestinal, metabolic, and immune support.




Dr. Mercola’s Sunscreen & Bug Spray is your environmentally responsible way to enjoy the outdoors this summer. It’s not toxic to you, your children, your yard, or yourplanet! You only have one life and one planet – yours to protect as well as enjoy.

Kenneth Akey, M.D., F.A.A.P.

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Alpha Bios

Fulvic Humic Blend Improves sleep and daytime energy – fulvic acid is bioavailable and helps with the absorption of minerals and nutrients in your body.

Mother Earth Labs Humic & Fulvic SC

Super-concentrated humic & fulvic acid supports nutrient absorption, gut health, and detox using Natural Bioenergetic Delivery™.

RECOVERYbits® Chlorella

Helps improve wellness, gut health, skin health, longevity, remove toxins, speed recovery from sports, and the high chlorophyll and fiber replace the need for veggies/greens.

Micro Daily EMF

Micro Daily EMF is a specially formulated product for 5G and EMF Radiation Defense and Immune System Boost. Protect your body from the inside out.

Zeolite Detox Pack

DIGESTIVE + CELLULAR DETOX: Pure Body zeolite and Pure Body Extra nanosized zeolite work together to support a whole-body detox of toxins, heavy metals and pollutants.