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Pediatric Services

Dr. Akey provides many pediatric services to children of all ages. We offer one-on-one attention and genuine care for every patient and their family. With more than 25 years of private practice experience, Dr. Akey provides high-quality medical service with a warm, friendly personality that can comfort the worries of you and your children. We offer services for the following areas of health:

  • Newborns – We can provide newborn care through telemedicine following delivery and hospital release.
  • Toddlers – We provide nutritional education and can help make sure your child is developing properly during this vital part of their life.
  • Adolescents and Teens – Dr. Akey performs routine check-ups for your growing teenager or young adult.
  • Developmental Pediatrics – Dr. Akey has a deep passion for developmental pediatrics. We ensure that your child is developing at a healthy rate mentally and physically.
  • Breastfeeding – Dr. Akey offers information regarding the benefits and nutritional value of breastfeeding, as well as answers any questions you may have.
  • Asthma – Dr. Akey can help you create an asthma action plan so that you know when your child’s asthma is under control
  • Nutrition Counseling – Dr. Akey offers visits to provide nutritional education for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Adult Sick Visits – Dr. Akey performs sick visits for all general adult illnesses.
  • Covid-19 Visits – Dr. Akey performs visits to help families immune build and treat Covid-19.

Dr. Akey knows that providing the proper care and knowledge is just as important for parents as it is for their children – especially parents of newborns. We do our best to make your doctor visits enjoyable. No matter what your concerns are, we do our best to accommodate you and your needs.

For more information about Dr. Akey’s services, browse our website or call our office at 770-683-3020

Kenneth Akey, M.D., F.A.A.P.

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